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Jerid   01. 03. 2002 - 12. 09. 2005

The JERID Company was originated in Olomouc in 1993 through the initiative and collaboration of a number of skilled railway and computer experts. The processing and provision of information in the railway cargo area not only in electronic or computer form is the essential company activity.

I worked in this company as an external programmer, but it was rather a part time job, because I worked there 20 - 25 hours per week.
My job was programming the forwarding system NewSPED, which was developed in a team of ten members (three analysts, five developers and two testers).
We were developing this system in C# and .NET Framework, analysis was made in UML and we were using IDE Visual Studio .NET for developing.

In this moment is developing in the end, clients are testing it, smallness are trimed and in January 2006 will be this system placed on the market. I stayed in the company till the end of September, when the product was ready for testing.