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Coaching Data   26. 09. 2005 - 14. 11. 2005
I was working in Coaching Data as a main .NET developer with two other developers. It was a contract job for one month and when I entered this team, project was already developing.

We developed here the application which comprehend all informations about English football league, statistics, players' trade, injuries, comments, video logs, etc...

The system is quite wide and the objective of the company is to experience visitors something like a game where they can see all the statistics, new information and so on as in a game like FIFA. I have to say that I am not a big sport fan but I was delighted by this product.
My main activity was sorting out the problems, which the other developers didn’t know hot to fix and helping them with the development. I fixed there some fundamental problems of the project. The application was written in C# and with SQL Server 2000 database. I established there a new solution of source control – SVN and I was the administrator of it.

I am happy that I was working in this company because it was a good career start in Ireland and it lighten me the first months here.