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Microsoft   22. 03. 2006 - 20. 09. 2006
I extended the contract with Microsoft, because I was offered to take out my own project.

The goal was to create application for project scheduling and tracking. I made the analysis of the application and then the development as well.
The workflow was simple. Create an application where in the beginning a project manager sets the start date, deadline, information about project and then the processing starts.
Application contains a special algorithm (implemented by me) to find out the best project schedules. Project manager chooses the best one, modifies it (if necessary) and processing continues. After the modification is finished, the project is started and tracked. Application was made as a web application. It uses many web controls created for special purpose (project schedule calendar with “drag&drop” functionality, workflow visualization, etc…).
The analysis was made in UML in Enterprise Architect, application uses ASP.NET 2.0, JavaScript and SQL.Server 2005 as database.

I leave Ireland in the middle of September, because I have to finish my dissertation and graduate. The manager offered me a job when I'll be back and I consider to continue there again.