My name is Zuzana Sesulkova, I am 20 years old girl from Czech Republic.
I am skilled hair-dresser with leaving examination.
I’m going to go to Ireland during September 2005 (for at about one year). I would like to find a job in my specialization. I have 3 years long experience in hairdressing, which I got during the study and after - everything in beauty Studio Relax in town, where I live. I won a fame as a dab haidresser who is able to adapt to wishes of clients and steadily improve herself.

In the last few weeks I made some photos of my works which I composed, so you could get approximate notion of my skills. You can see these photos on my webpages.

would like to work for you in my specialization. In the beginnings of adaptation in a new living environment I’m ready to do ancillary works like shamooning, massaging of hair skin, hair colouring etc...
Please look at the photos on the right side of this page and watch my Curicullum vitae in PDF or Curicullum vitae in DOC .
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