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I'm not on Internet at this moment

Here is a small Curriculum Vitae with important dates. If you are looking for my official Curriculum Vitae, please click here.
1983 :  I was born in Ivancice
1989 :  My first year in school. But I didn't like it at all :-)
1995 :  Beginning of my study at Gymnasium in Ivancice
2001 :  A successful pass of the leaving examination and a successful
             entrance examination to University Palackeho
2004 :  A successful pass of my Bachelor exam and a start of my
             MSc grade

I was born in 28th April 1983 .
In that time I had a brother Peter and my sister Tatana was born in the next year. We lived in Ivancice in a flat and about two years later we moved to a family house in Nove Branice, , where we have lived up to this day.
In 1995 I started studying at the gymnasium, where I enjoyed brave years and I retrospected it with enthusiasm.In 2001 I passed the leaving examination, made car and motorbike driving licenses and started studies at University Olomouc.

To my favourite hobbies belong music, playing the guitar, skying, canoeing and computers generally