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Gone inquiries

Why are you visiting this site right now?
I want to know the news (1745)/26%
I want to see new photos (1640)/25%
I want to inbreathe (1605)/24%
By chance (1617)/24%

How did you get to know these pages?
From the locators (1546)/27%
From the hearsay (1337)/23%
From link on another pages (1456)/26%
From newspaper:) (1355)/24%

Are you enticed by tandem free fall?
I want to try it (1275)/25%
I'd like to, but I am afraid (1365)/27%
Absolutely not, waste of money and time (1117)/22%
I tried it already (1281)/25%

Do you study?What do you plan after graduation?
I'd like to find a flat, job and work on full time (1200)/26%
I'd like to travel somewhere (1217)/27%
I will just drink:) (1111)/24%
I don't know yet (1031)/23%

Which blog do you like the most?
Ireland I (1348)/30%
Blog written in Czech R. (1081)/24%
Ireland II (1116)/24%
I don't know (1021)/22%

Would you like to go to Ireland?
Absolutely! (1000)/25%
Maybe sometimes... (1033)/25%
There are better places (1015)/25%
No way (1027)/25%

Have you ever worked abroad?
Yes I have worked already (15727)/25%
I work now (15486)/25%
No, but I plan it (15298)/25%
Abroad?? (15251)/25%

Which part of the pages is the most interesting for you?
Ireland (9522)/25%
Information about me (9219)/24%
Photos (9440)/25%
The other part (9626)/25%

What did you like on these pages?
Design (49)/28%
Elaboration (39)/22%
Content (54)/31%
Nothing (33)/19%

Which style you prefer on this site?
Dewy (50)/20%
Restful (104)/41%
Modem (47)/19%
Hobby (52)/21%

How do you like the new blog?
Great, better than the one about Ireland (7)/23%
Good stuff (10)/33%
Nothing special, it's boring (1)/3%
I can't read it anymore (12)/40%

Do you like Microsoft?
It's my love (0)/0%
Professional company (2)/33%
Not bad (1)/17%
Hahahah (3)/50%

What about your university's exam?
It's finished (0)/0%
Pretty good (1)/25%
Nightmare as usually (3)/75%
I am not a student (0)/0%

Will you visit this sites again?
Yes, of course (96)/46%
Probably yes, I like it (30)/14%
Maybe at one time (53)/25%
Are you crazy? (30)/14%

Did you ever try Linux system?
Yes, it’s great! (47)/21%
Yes, but I don’t have it already (78)/35%
No, but I would like to try it (52)/23%
No and I don’t have any interest to try that (46)/21%

How will you spend this year’s holidays?
I will work:/ (100)/37%
I will go to the seaside (107)/40%
Maybe somewhere in Czech Republic (33)/12%
I don’t know (29)/11%