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I'm not on Internet at this moment
23. 07. 2009 - Nineteen new photo galleries
The translation of this page is in the progress.

17. 08. 2007 - Photos from Galway
The translation of this page is in the progress.

06. 07. 2007 - Graduation photos
The translation of this page is in the progress.

15. 05. 2007 - Photos from the weekend in Czech Republic
The translation of this page is in the progress.

10. 04. 2007 - New photos from Ireland were added
The translation of this page is in the progress.

03. 03. 2007 - First few photos from the comeback to Ireland were added
The translation of this page is in the progress.

08. 02. 2007 - Photos from the celebration of finished studies were added
The translation of this page is in the progress.

13. 01. 2007 - New photos from New Year's Eve
The translation of this page is in the progress.

05. 12. 2006 -
The translation of this page is in the progress.

01. 11. 2006 - Photos from tandem free fall
The translation of this page is in the progress.

20. 09. 2006 - Back in Czech Republic
The translation of this page is in the progress.

17. 01. 2006 - The exams are passed
The translation of this page is in the progress.

18. 12. 2005 - Small failure
The translation of this page is in progress.

20. 11. 2005 - The credits are passed
The translation of this page is in progress.

15. 09. 2005 - Photos from farewall
Yersterday we had a great party. The farewall was great, and I have some photos too, if you want to have a look.
So men have a good time, see you a year and if you want to know, what's new in Ireland visit these pages. I will update it as soon as possible.

11. 09. 2005 - Wednesday's farewall

Because the departure time is nearer and nearer, I'd like to do a party with my friends, so if you will be free, come about 8 o'clock pm to Nirvana and we could cook up:)

On Thursday (or Friday) I'm going to leave Olomouc, so come and say goodbye

07. 09. 2005 - I terminate the employment in Jerid

I said goodbye to all in the Jerid company few minutes ago, where I was working for a long time.
I must say, that it was great experience, I learnt many new things and if I'm not going to Ireland, I like to stay there. I was satisfied with the job here and the whole development team and the members were great and because of it, the working here was good.

It is possible, that I'll return to this company, after I come back from Ireland, because here will be developed big web portal in ASP.NET and I am really interest in and I like to know at full fart about this technology.

02. 09. 2005 - You can edit

I finished these pages few minutes ago. All informations, which are here can be edit in my edition system. If I want to change something, I don't have to find it in database, but I find it in the system and quickly and simply change it. The whole edition system is in these pages, so I don't have to create other pages with different desing and page system for it. Administrace

You, as the visitor of these pages, can see how it's easy to change anything here.

What do you have to do for it? Register as a VIP member, confirm your email and log on. After logging on, there'll be letter 'A' at the bottom of the pages. Click on it and you will be in edition section.

In edition section are about few buttons more, but above all there is a picture with pencil next to every part of menu. If you click on it, you'll see, how easily you can change it. But don't try to delete or save it. First the system disallows it and then (if you try it more times) you'll be unregister!!

29. 08. 2005 - We pass exam with SUZa

We passed our information system for univesities called SUZa.
The passing was proceeding good and RNDr. Sklenar liked it. In this moment the system isn't already developed by development team Beerfox,but by me and I will pass it in a year as my thesis.
I'll do a lot of changes, add new functions, but above all rewrite it so, that it'll be ready for real launching as universities' information system.

I'll try to launch it on  where you could try it, too.

29. 08. 2005 - Photos from CX65 were added

I added photos, which were photed by my mobil Siemens CX65. If you want to see, what quality are the the photos photed by this mobil, you'll enjoy it.

The photos were made smaller about something. I photed it with maximal resolution (640x480). I think, that they aren't bad.

20. 08. 2005 - We are back
The translation of this page is in the progress.

12. 08. 2005 - We are going to Dzerba

We bought the last minute holiday in Dzerba few minutes ago.

It's only for five days -  we're going to fly from Praha on Monday and on Friday we will be back, but I hope that it will be the great holiday. It's my first haunt at the seaside, my first flight and my first haunt in Africa too, so wish one well.

We're going to fly with travel agency O.C.K. and we're going to stay in Sidi Slim hotel.

14. 07. 2005 - I bought new notebook

I bought new notebook Acer Aspire 1524WLMi.

It's really great machine :) I'd like to write some information about using this notebook during next weeks, so be patient please.acer aspire 1524WLMi

I bought it, because the performance is really  high - AMD 3500 XP 64, 512MB, 80 GB, DVD DL and it has a lot of other accessories like Wifi etc.

The next reason for buying it, is our travel to Ireland. I already didn't have guarantee for my older notebook and this has international guarantee, so when will be some problem with it, I can bring it to the service and it will be free.

I hope, that I'll have time for creating the new discussion about this computer and write down some remarks.

10. 07. 2005 - The notebook si already sold

I sold my old notebook for 18 000,-, as I wanted. I look forward a new one from Mironet company.

The old notebook was really good and I'll think back on it for a long time:)

28. 06. 2005 - I sell my notebook

I sell my notebook Acer Aspire 1315LM. acer aspire 1315lm
The notebook is in very good condition - the keyboard almost unused, no scatches or something like that. The battery is unfortunately unusable. The performance is really great - AMD 2500 XP, 512MB, 60 GB, DVD-RW. It is 1,5 years old. I like him and if the graphic card would be better, I'd like to keep it.

In Ireland I'd like to play something, so I want some notebook with better graphic card.

If you are interest in the notebook, write me a email, or a message by icq or just call. You can find all of it in the "contact" section:)

For more detailed information please visit for example.

The price for my notebook is 18 000,- but we could bargrain to 17 500,-.

28. 06. 2005 - Exams are passed

I passed by last exam in the fourth year. It was the longest exam, which I have passed. The examination take more than two hours and I the master marked me by 2.

You exactly don't know how happy I am:)

20. 06. 2005 - I release my new pages

I finally launched my new pages. I was really looking forward to it. I was trying to test all before launching and I hope, that most of the ordinary bugs, which are in all pages are fixed.

I know, that there can be a lot of other bugs, so please enjoy it and if you'll find some bugs, do not hesitate to write it directly me or to the forum. I will be grateful for every good suggestion.

The pages are wrote in XHTML, absolutely the same for IE, FireFox (Mozilla),Opera and other web browsers and are SEO optimized.

I'll try to update it as soon as possible, write down new information, add photos and answer in forum. In the forum you can obviously create your own discussion. If the discussion won't be vulgaris or on the uninteresting theme, I'll keep it on and maybe answer too.

Enjoy the pages!!!

19. 06. 2005 - My plans for holiday

Finally begins holiday. I will pass the last exam in 21. or 28. of June and then I finish the project and the fourth year will be closed:)

I would like to go to the seaside this holiday (to Croatia). I have promised every year, that we'll go there, but I haven't had enough time so far, so I hope, that this year will be the one for this trip.

We're going to sail again Vltava and I really look forward it. I would like to go to some rock festival to Sázava, Český Brod or Hrachovka.

At the end the most important - I'm going to try bungee jumping :))

17. 06. 2005 - New photos were added

I added next few photos from our trips right now. These are from our trip to Bouzov castle.

15. 06. 2005 - We will go to Ireland

Just so. We're going (almost sure) in the end of September or in early October to Ireland. I have to stop out the studies for a year, and I'll finish the fifth year, when I return.

I'd like to find a job in IT in Ireland, get more experience and above all improve in english.

03. 06. 2005 - Other photos were added

I added some photos about our trips in Jižní Čechy a Jihlava. You can find here photos from our sailing down the river Vltava and few photos from ZOO in Jihlava.

I prepare next photo's category and during folowing fourteen days I will add it.