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I'm not on Internet at this moment
Betdaq   08. 03. 2007 - 12. 09. 2008
During my contract in Betdaq (for six months, three times extended - already one and half year) I've been a member of the development team working on the new version of the existing online betting web application.
In the first two months I was researching the performance issues of the previous website version and suggesting how should it be re-implemented in a better way. It included all the aspects like client and server caching, saving request-response cycles, improving client and server performance, testing and analysis, preparing coding standards and migration from ASP.NET 1.1 to 2.0.

In the second part of the contract (next ten months) we were developing the new version of the site including the performance solutions. We were using Microsoft SourceSafe as a source control and many web development tools for performance researching and debugging.

The web site was written in ASP.NET 2.0 and C# using XSLT transformations and AJAX (the exchanging formats were XML and JSON).

I like Betdaq and the guys there and will stay here at least to the September this year. What then? Who knows...

Czechs In Ireland   01. 01. 2007 - 01. 06. 2008
My private project called Czechs in Ireland (in Czech "Češi v Irsku") has been developed from the beginning of 2007.

I was missing this kind of site for Czechs in Ireland. We've had some portals about news in Ireland, but haven't had community server ala Web 2.0. I wanted to create some kind of this site, where the users could upload photos, write blogs, chat or send messages to friends, place ads, meet new friends, etc...
That's why it's here.

The project was written during evenings after work, so it took one year to finish the works and I'm still improving it.
I am fully responsible for this project started by the design and finished by the bug fixing. Project uses Javascript Prototype framework and Firebird as a database. As a scripting language was used PHP. The site is fully AJAX-compatible and is implemented as an all-in-one solution. CMS is included in the UI and written from scratch.

Microsoft   22. 03. 2006 - 20. 09. 2006
I extended the contract with Microsoft, because I was offered to take out my own project.

The goal was to create application for project scheduling and tracking. I made the analysis of the application and then the development as well.
The workflow was simple. Create an application where in the beginning a project manager sets the start date, deadline, information about project and then the processing starts.
Application contains a special algorithm (implemented by me) to find out the best project schedules. Project manager chooses the best one, modifies it (if necessary) and processing continues. After the modification is finished, the project is started and tracked. Application was made as a web application. It uses many web controls created for special purpose (project schedule calendar with “drag&drop” functionality, workflow visualization, etc…).
The analysis was made in UML in Enterprise Architect, application uses ASP.NET 2.0, JavaScript and SQL.Server 2005 as database.

I leave Ireland in the middle of September, because I have to finish my dissertation and graduate. The manager offered me a job when I'll be back and I consider to continue there again.

Microsoft   20. 11. 2005 - 21. 03. 2006
I was working in Microsoft (contract for four months) as a developer of two internal applications (one web and one desktop application).

My main activity was developing and improving these applications, fixing found problems and bugs and their testing. Major part of my work consisted of database development (SQL Server 2000 in the first application and SQL Server 2005 in the second application) in T-SQL and C# development (in .NET Framework 2.0). 

The purpose of the web application was processing data information about annual costs and plans for every department centre and project. All these costs were prepared and checked in this application and then cloned to SAP. The user experience was one of the highest priorities, so AJAX and JScript were used often. The code was tested in NUnit.

The purpose of the desktop application was to simplify the creation of localized CD labels for every Microsoft product (the first usage was the creation of CD labels for Microsoft Vista operation system). The application co-operates with Adobe Indesign and its COM API. I was the main developer of this application and partially created the analytic design. The code was tested in NUnit.

I liked it in Microsoft very much. There were nice people and good fellowships. I was offered to work there as a permanent but I'd like to obtain an experience in more companies.

Coaching Data   26. 09. 2005 - 14. 11. 2005
I was working in Coaching Data as a main .NET developer with two other developers. It was a contract job for one month and when I entered this team, project was already developing.

We developed here the application which comprehend all informations about English football league, statistics, players' trade, injuries, comments, video logs, etc...

The system is quite wide and the objective of the company is to experience visitors something like a game where they can see all the statistics, new information and so on as in a game like FIFA. I have to say that I am not a big sport fan but I was delighted by this product.
My main activity was sorting out the problems, which the other developers didn’t know hot to fix and helping them with the development. I fixed there some fundamental problems of the project. The application was written in C# and with SQL Server 2000 database. I established there a new solution of source control – SVN and I was the administrator of it.

I am happy that I was working in this company because it was a good career start in Ireland and it lighten me the first months here.

SUZa 2nd part   29. 08. 2005 - 01. 02. 2007

I develop information and communication system for universities, whose bases were created by our development team Beerfox last year as an objective of seminar.

This year I have to do a lot of changes as cosmetic changes, as changes in the kernel of the system. First will the system back the exams colloquiums (not only credits) and the whole section of this, I will simplify already existing parts and rebuild them more efficiently. Above all will be the GUI system rebuilt, I will use web parts  - new Microsoft's technology. I am really interest in it, so I look forward the rebuilding.

I will try to place the older version at some freewebhosting server works with IIS.

Palacky University   21. 09. 2001 - 01. 07. 2007

I study the fifth year information technologies on University Palacky's. In spite of I am abroad for one year (in Ireland), I didn't stop out the studies and I continue.

I need this year only few credits to pass this year and go to the sixth year, if I have to.

If everything will be alright, I would like to go back after one year to pass the rest, pass thesis and state exams.

Jerid   01. 03. 2002 - 12. 09. 2005

The JERID Company was originated in Olomouc in 1993 through the initiative and collaboration of a number of skilled railway and computer experts. The processing and provision of information in the railway cargo area not only in electronic or computer form is the essential company activity.

I worked in this company as an external programmer, but it was rather a part time job, because I worked there 20 - 25 hours per week.
My job was programming the forwarding system NewSPED, which was developed in a team of ten members (three analysts, five developers and two testers).
We were developing this system in C# and .NET Framework, analysis was made in UML and we were using IDE Visual Studio .NET for developing.

In this moment is developing in the end, clients are testing it, smallness are trimed and in January 2006 will be this system placed on the market. I stayed in the company till the end of September, when the product was ready for testing.

Salus Services   01. 09. 2004 - 09. 03. 2005
The company Salus Services was founded with the point of meeting customers’s demands in the area of the internet‘s and intranet’s applications with attractive design.
I worked in this company externally more then six months as a webdeveloper and webdesigner.
Better websites, which I created here are Pegas Gonda, Prokrmiva, EkoFrance, Dormio , etc.
I prepared some graphic layouts like Panel Reko, Codia, American Heating and etc. You can see all of them in references.

AccessNet   15. 06. 2004 - 14. 09. 2005
The Prague's company AccessNet deals with developing webpages and everything like that, webhosting and computer programs made to order.
I worked in this company more than one year and during that time I developed not only webpages, but I debugged often mistakes in codes of webpages wrote by another developers, added other funcionalities to the webpages and developed some distributive applications.

I made a lot of projects for this company - I would like to mention my first webpages in general, then improvements of BM-servis, Autoindex , etc.
I worked for them externally about 5-10 hours per week.

SUZa 1st part   21. 09. 2004 - 28. 08. 2005

I have developed SUZa system (University's information system) - information and communication system for students and masters.
The system should simplify the communication between students and masters during studies and help with organizing the studies.

I didn't develop this project alone, but with other members of a developing team Beerfox and I was the leader of this team. Our teamwork was finished during these holidays, because it was an objective of seminar and we passed it.

After completing the common parts of this project I continue with developing and at the end of the fifth year I will present that as my thesis. I will implement a lot of new parts to it, so an actual team project is only platform for developing next functionalities for the new version of this system.

The whole project is developed in ASP.NET and C#.

The new webpages   01. 06. 2005 - 19. 01. 2008
This is the third version of my webpages, which I developed during spring 2005. If you are interest in my previous sites, you can see here the first and the second version.
You can choose from 4 different design styles, interactive items, wide photogallery but first of all higher informative value. I created an editing system for it, which I'm going to publish soon for all visitors (without saving obviously).
I plan particular advantages for registered VIP members in the future. So please be patient.

If you like my webpages (but also dislike) then you could vote in inquiries or write me your opinion directly into the forum, where is a special discussion of this topic. These webpages are here for you, so enjoy them!

  01. 04. 2005 - 19. 01. 2007
I work on two webservices hosted by Both are written in C# and ASP.NET. The first returns a name of an actual name day, the method is several times overloaded with different parametres. This service is complete, but I wait with activation, till the next service will be complete.

The second method interprets the result of searching by Google. This method is two-times overloaded - the first returns the result in one string, which you can simply insert to a web-page and then use cascade styles to optimize it for your pages. The second returns the result formatted in XML Datagrid, so you can use it anywise you want.
This webservice is also practically ready, but there are some problems with czech encoding. I work on correction of that.